a collaboration of my favorite “backpack rappers”.

Molemen feat. Slug, MF Doom, and Aesop Rock

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i’m that dj that only uploads mixes when i’m feeling confident because i’m drunk
here is the newest virtual dj mix i have made with my mouse and keyboard. shouts out to lucio for pouring me a shot. it got messy. sorry. : (

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Cadence Weapon - House Music

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freaking ANGEL

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you’re lucky i even picked up the phone, and not because i’m listening to this loud as hell

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lately i’ve been waking up and immediately deciding on a song i want to cry to

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[Video] Z-Ro - I’m Tired (Feat. Mýa)

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Sleeping Body from Fort Worth, TX. 1992.

screamo had roots in the south yall

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what i listen to when i’m feeling especially evil

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Orgullo Primitivo - Heat Stroke

"One’s morale is destined to drop when heat such as this never stops. Submerged in this scorching pool bound by concrete socks. People kill people smothered in irritance. Babies and elderly die smothered in their own helplessness. Corporate structures magnify oppressive heat. A torturous staple upholding ecological defeat.
An overwhelming sense of wanting to do nothing when it all results in the sweating out of your essence. A heat stroke awaiting always reminding you of death’s presence.”

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bangin that shit out at 1:11

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Lloyd - Get It Shawty

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Hey Mr DJ

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